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Notes for Contributors

1. Articles should be 2000-4000 words long and be submitted on disk ideally written in Word (or e-mail) with a note of the software used. Hard copy should also be supplied including good quality (laser) copies for figures and tables. Authors should supply 3 copies of their article.

2. Each article should be accompanied by a short biography of each author and a short abstract detailing the Aims & Scope of the article. A few Keywords should also be provided. Full author(s) contact details including company name, address, telephone, fax and e-mail details should be included.

3. As the Journal is a practitioner publication with refereed articles, it is important that the journal is not used merely as an advertising vehicle for a company or individual.

4. Where acronyms are used these should initially be spelt out in full and followed, immediately, by the acronym. Thereafter only the acronym need be used.

5. The journal adopts the Vancouver style for references ie references are referred to by number within the text and set out in full within the reference section at the end of the article.

6. Photographs and illustrations should be included where appropriate and should be of good quality (ideally black & white). Figures, illustrations and photographs should be originals and should be clearly marked as to where they fit within the text.

7. All contributions, whether invited or not, will be subject to a refereeing process by the commissioning editor, Editorial Board or other pertinent expert. It is the duty of the author to ensure the accuracy and correctness of copy and publication of an article does not imply that published material represents the views of the Editorial Board or the Publisher or its agents. The Publisher will, however, strive to ensure that all published material is accurate. In this regard, the Publisher reserves the right to edit, abridge or omit material submitted for publication. The Publisher will always seek to maintain the original meaning intended by the author.

8. Copyright for published material lies with the Publisher unless otherwise specifically assigned. The Journal will not publish material already published elsewhere unless it is expressly invited or agreed by the Publisher.

9. While the publisher strives to ensure accurate reproduction of all submitted materials it cannot accept responsibility for mistakes of any kind. Nor does the publisher take responsibility for anyone acting, or refraining from acting, as a result of information contained within an article(s).

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