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International Journal of
Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

Sell sport to sponsors, the media and the public
Get value from sponsorship spend
Promotional tactics and law for sports clubs

International Journal of
Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

Information and ideas for sports managers, sponsors and advisors

The Journal is a must for

Sports management companies
Law firms

The Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship is the international publication that provides the sports market with the information you need to make the right decisions. Its mix of trend analysis and case studies means the information is vital to you whether you are planning a sponsorship program for your product, or looking for ways to increase the exposure of your sports club.

Publishing four times a year, each issue will contain quality, in-depth analysis of key issues for the sports business, covering such subjects as:

Marketing and promotion of sporting organisations and events
Corporate image and hospitality
Endorsement and signage
TV broadcasting
Cross-border activities
Brand awareness and product valuation
Ambush marketing
Co-promotional activities

The Sports Business Information Source

The publication is the ideal source for anyone marketing sport and marketing through sport because:

It is focused purely on sports marketing and sponsorship issues - the information will be relevant to you in your job
It contains detailed case studies on successful promotions and sponsorship campaigns
Its international approach means you can get ideas from other countries worldwide

Expert Commissioning Editor

John Amis, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in Sport and Leisure Management at De Montfort University's School of Physical Education Sport and Leisure, England. His research interests focus on strategic change in sports organisation, and sport and leisure sponsorship. He has written numerous book chapters and refereed articles on these areas, as well as a book entitled The History of Soccer in Nova Scotia. He has contributed to sports management conferences in UK, USA, Europe and Canada.

Information and ideas for sports managers, sponsors and advisors

The sports marketplace is one of the most exciting and lucrative business environments in the world. Each different player - sports club owner and managers, corporations, media, the public - have different needs and expectations. But these have to come together to deliver the right product with the right endorsements in the right way.

Sports Marketing & Sponsorship is the in-depth information source for:

Sports Management
Management of sporting venues and events
Economics of sport
Management of sporting clubs and associations
New product lines
Brand valuation
Cross-border and international activities

Sports Marketing
Product positioning
Promotion of events and venues
Co-promotional activities
Market research & evaluation
Pricing strategies

Sports Sponsorship
Corporate hospitality
Response rates
The future role of sponsorship in sport

Sports Law
Intellectual property rights in sporting events
Ambush marketing
Competition/antitrust law
Contractual issues
Dispute resolution

Sports Media
TV broadcasting
Who will fund sport in the future?
Digital / pay-per-view TV

Invitation to Contribute
The Publisher and Editorial Board welcome the submission of articles and other contributions for consideration for publication. In all cases, submissions should aim to educate and inform and should ideally focus on a specific area that is pertinent to the subject matter of the publication. The inclusion of practical case studies is always welcome.

Editorial Board
The content and direction of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship will be guided by the expert international Editorial Advisory Board (see button below ensuring that it always brings you the most practical and up-to-date advice available

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